New download available!                                                                                         24 February, 2011

That's right. Here is the new site  with more details about the game and downloads for version 1.0!

Note that the game works best on the newest Zsnes (1.51). I didn´t test it on a different emulator, but I think it should work as well.

If you find any glitches/bugs, please let me know and send me a message on beepworld or youtube.



The homepage begins to live!                                                                                    23 February, 2011

Yes, today I started doing this homepage. You will find a lot of useful information about the games I created in the near future.

I will update this site daily, so it won´t take very much time to finish this at all. I´m currently working on 3 different kinds of games, which will be explained later in the games section. There you will find short summarys about the games so you get an overview.

More detailed information can be reached by clicking on the left side on the game you want. There you will find screenshots, videos and of course the download link(s). Note that all games which you can download here are free.


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