Super Smash World is a Super Mario World hack with currently 8 level.

The download can be found below. You have to download an emulator as well to play the rom. I recommend Zsnes 1.51

There are 3 different versions of the emulator for each OS (Windows, Linux, DOS) so make sure to download the correct one.

The game itself is available in 2 languages: German and English

If you don't know how to complete a level you can watch my official walkthrough which is under the downloads.

Now I don't want to waste your time anymore - download and try to beat this hack. I'm sure you will have a lot of trouble when you don't use slow downs :D

Developers Nintendo EAD/Smashmaster
Series Mario
Platform Super Entertainment System (SNES)
Release Date(s) 24 January 2011
Genre Platforming
Modes Single-player and multiplayer



And here is what you need

Emulator OS Downloads
Zsnes 1.51 Windows Direct Download
Zsnes 1.51 DOS Download
Zsnes 1.51 Linux Direct Download
  • The Win version of ZSNES requires DirectX 8.0 or greater to run. Otherwise you will get various missing dll errors.
  • The source code for Win and DOS releases can be found at sourceforge.
  • There is no official support for running the DOS version in Windows NT/2000/XP (although it's not impossible). Use the Win version instead.

Super Smash World Downloads

Version Language Downloads
Super Smash World 1.0 German Download@mediafire
Super Smash World 1.0 English Download@mediafire


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